Common Well Water Problems
Rotten egg or sulfur smell

Caused by hydrogen sulfide gas, normally not dangerous at low levels. Can be removed by water treatment.

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Slimy black buildup inside toilet tank

Iron bacteria. "Shock" chlorination of well will relieve temporarily.

~ ~ ~

Reduced water flow

Screen of well casing or pump may be clogged by buildup of slime. Shock chlorination may restore flow.

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Water turns dirty during dry weather

Sloughing off of built-up slime. Shock chlorinate the well.

~ ~ ~

Water turns dirty during wet weather

Well casing is cracked or improperly installed. Test for Coliform bacteria. Boil water until test results show water is safe.

~ ~ ~

Black, brown, or red stains

Manganese or iron contamination. Not a health hazard. Removed by treatment.

~ ~ ~

Green stains

Water is corroding the copper pipes. Treatment may be necessary to avoid damage to the water system. The water may also be dissolving lead from plumbing system.

~ ~ ~

Burnout of water heater elements

Excess hardness. Not a health hazard. Usually cured with a water softener.

If you notice any of these problems, it may be wise to have your water tested now!

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